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FWA Site Of The Year 2009, sponsored by Nokia

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The Favourite Website Awards Site Of The Year 2009, sponsored by Nokia, winner:
We Choose The Moon

Description: A real-time recreation of the historic Apollo 11 mission to the Moon complete with round the clock audio transmissions and 3d animations representing each step along the way, distances, etc.

Credits: Concept, design and development by: The Martin Agency ( and Domani Studios (
Reactions from winner:

“Totally speechless, it’s absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime (not that we won’t try again) honor. We are especially thrilled for our friends at the JFK Presidential Library, our generous hosts at AOL, and the uncompromising talent at Domani Studios.
We set out to honor JFK’s vision for our space effort, and to bring back to life a spirit of optimism from a bygone era. We are so honored by this award, and hope the site continues to reward and inspire visitors! Thank you all!” - Brian Williams, Wade Alger, Joe Alexander and the Martin team.

“We are absolutely honored to have been singled out from among such a wildly talented group of nominees. We are incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated team who dove in head first and pulled out all the stops on this project.” - Jonathan Hills, Executive Creative Director, Founding Partner, Domani Studios, USA

A few words from the SOTY sponsor, Nokia:

“A great illustration of how well crafted digital work can allow us to immerse ourselves and relive an important moment in history.” - Arto Joensuu, Nokia, Search & Social
FWA judge’s comments:
- Lars Bastholm, Ogilvy - USA
"We Choose The Moon is one of the most engaging content sites ever made. It's deep, broad and consistently entertaining. The real-time aspect made it almost thriller-like to follow our intrepid heroes on the way to the moon. I spent enormous amounts of time on the site and couldn't talk about anything else for a while. Go content!"
- Phil Stuart, Preloaded - UK
"An ambitious commission that’s both informative and educational - perfect use of Flash. Beautiful, usable execution expertly recreating the tension and atmosphere of a defining moment in history. Subtle fusion of archive and new assets provides authenticity whilst appealing to a new generation of historians. My kind of project!"
- Michael Ferdman, Firstborn - USA
"An enchanting interactive encounter that celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. Almost as amazing as the feat itself."
- Kurt Noble, KNI - USA
"This impeccably organized and executed site does such a wonderful job of putting users inside America's first lunar landing. A fantastic audio visual experience that left me feeling that I'd almost been there with them”
- Benjamin Laugel, Soleil Noir - France
"I choose the Moon…as SOTY."
- Keith Smith, Microsoft - USA
"Entertaining, educational and historic. 'We Choose the Moon' is an amazing use of technology that captures an inspiring moment in time."
- Jonah Bloom, Breaking Media - USA
"I choose We Choose The Moon. In a world where there's such an overload of information, I think those of us who create in the digital realm have to ask ourselves whether we're enhancing people's lives or adding to a cesspool in we might start to drown. We Choose the Moon is one of those sites in the former category, aggregating historical material in an accessible fashion that helps those of us too young to remember the first moon landing to get a feel for that time.”
- Peter Van den Wyngaert, NRG.BE - Belgium
"Relive history via the best website of 2009!"
- Megan Lane Patrick, HOW magazine and books - USA
"We Choose The Moon brings all the education and entertainment possibilities of the internet together into a thrilling experience that helps young people get a sense of how exciting the moon landing was, and allows those old enough to remember it to re-experience the glory of that moment.”
- Shane Mielke, - USA
"Hands down the best site of the year. An amazing experience of audio, visuals and interactivity to keep you glued to the computer for hours."
- Stephen Nesle, Tribal DDB - USA
"We Choose The Moon was an obvious choice for me. It suspended my disbelief and transported back in time and to the moon. Bravo."
- Stephen Whelan, Shots - UK
“Where a lot of sites in the running for this year’s FWA crown are geared towards high-end video production, We Choose The Moon offers an immersive interface that seamlessly blends a range of media content into a thoroughly engaging experience. The quality and depth of content is matched by the unique opportunity to take part in a play-by-play breakdown of the epic Apollo 11 moon landing form the comfort of your own home. The mix of gaming, archival footage and photography is a truly original approach to presenting a package of content and show that current media technology can be used to re-present historical events in new and innovative ways. Why wasn't learning this cool when we were at school?.”
- Henry Chu, pill and pillow – Hong Kong
"An epic journey."
- Iain Tait, POKE - UK
"By lovingly blending archive and original material the site brings the moon landing to life in a totally new way. Space enthusiasts of all ages couldn't fail to be wowed by this incredible site."
- Per Hansson, Farfar - Sweden
“The whole "live" thing was brilliant. A very impressive project in many ways.”
- Martin Hughes, WEFAIL - UK
“Never have I been more convinced that man has indeed been to the Moon. Even though we all know it was a ruse.”
- Bert Hagendoorn, Adobe Systems Benelux BV – The Netherlands
"This site is a true experience – once you start it you won’t stop. It’s because of the beautifull graphics, sounds, animations and interactivity, but most of all the storytelling and atmosphere. As if you go to the moon yourself. Great example of how to tell a story online!"
- James Baker, WDDG - USA
"An awesome celebration of one of mankind's greatest adventures.”
- Teressa Iezzi, Creativity - USA
"Absorbing, superbly executed. Almost too much nerd pleasure to bear!”
- Gavin Gordon-Rogers, Agency Republic - UK
"Too many websites are all style, no substance. This content-rich educational site really brings to life the excitement of NASA's Apollo 11 lunar landing mission. The slick execution and precise attention to detail help no end, and the idea of launching the site and revealing sections in 'real time' was inspired."
- Stephen Price, Stash DVD Magazine - USA
“Respectful of the subject matter but never stuffy or sentimental. In-depth, highly interactive but intuitive to navigate. Engaging from the start for both my son (7) and my father (87): a rare pan-demographic accomplishment in modern media.”
- Julius Wiedemann, Taschen, UK
“The celebration of an event like going to the moon definitely deserved a website. But it is easy to go for something that is merely informative. “We choose the moon” is a compelling interactive story. The 3D feature and the archives serve a broad target. It is both educational and playful.”
- Shannon Stephaniuk, Glossy - Canada
"“We Choose the Moon” combines a rich, compelling narrative with complex interactivity - all while making the entire experience simple and accessible. Fantastic.”
- Stig Harder, Fashion Net Inc. - USA
"“I chose "We Choose the Moon." A truly amazing recreation of NASA's most impressive achievement.”
- Lynda Weinman, - USA
"“An inspirational example of education and interactivity combining forces to bring history to life and relevancy.”
- Ivan Todorov, BLITZ - USA
"Captivating, Educational, Informative. The experience flawlessly captures this historic event while providing a wealth of multi-media archives.”
- Thomas Lewis, Microsoft - USA
"The rich and immersive experience makes me feel as if I was there.”
- Ashley Ringrose, SOAP Creative - Australia
"Pretty tough for the other sites to compete with an event that impacted on the entire world.”
- Sean Lam, Plate Interactive - Singapore
"A great experiential site. The next best thing to a time machine."
- Noel Lyons, Kent Lyons - UK
"An impressive amount of information and a great resource.”
- Kai Heuser, Jung von Matt/Neckar - Germany
"A fantastic interactive experience - especially for those who could not witness this historic event at the time.”
- Jason Harris, Mekanism - USA
"From concept to flawless execution, WCTM is a great example of the power of digital. There is no other medium where one could feel connected to an event that happened over 40 years ago.”
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